Lex Teope is a graduate of the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in New Media Production, and minors in Advertising and Public Relations. She worked in various offices on campus including the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and the Baccalaureate Office while planning events for the UT student body and keeping up her coursework. Clearly, this has lead to a life of success.

Now Lex lives Austin, Texas with her human, Luke and their hippo cookie jar, Puds. Her goal is to figure out her life before it decides it’s going to hit her in the face, the butt, or both. Part of this involves building her brand by writing this blog, potentially getting back to YouTube, and streaming on Mixer.

While she isn’t squandering away all hours of the day on the internet, Lex works at Natural Pawz and meets many new dogs to fill her need for pets while Luke says they can’t have one.